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Dental oversight: the Affordable Care Act

by Kyle Wilson, Account Executive | Dec 10, 2012

Some people may be surprised to learn that the Affordable Care Act requires insurers to cover dental care for children but not for adults. For adults, Medicare does offer minimal dental benefits, and many state Medicaid programs cover only emergency dental procedures.  In 22 states, Medicaid either offers no dental coverage at all or only does so in emergency situations.  Since studies have linked poor oral health to higher risk for heart disease and diabetes, public health advocates agree that better coverage is needed.1 The American Dental Association estimates that about 3 million children will gain benefits as a result of the Affordable Care Act, but there is no provision for dental services for adults. 2

Where can adults that don’t have dental insurance coverage turn?

At Security Life, we offer multiple one-life dental insurance plans tailored to meet the needs of adults as well as their dependent children.  The PrimeStar series of products has no enrollment fees and is available for purchase in 49 states. Want to learn more?  Visit our Personal Plans page to review plan options and to get an instant quote.

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Products not available in all states and are subject to individual state regulations.